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How much does it cost?

You can try for free and pay for additional impressions if needed. Each impression costs $0.04, with a minimum purchase of $1 for 25 impressions.

What is an impression?

An impression occurs when your post is displayed on a billboard. Typically, 500 impressions equals one day on one billboard.

How do I top up my wallet?

Click the wallet icon on the top right, enter the amount to add, and top up. Impressions are added to your wallet and can be used within 90 days.

Can I use the added impressions immediately?

Yes, once you add impressions to your wallet, they are available immediately.

How can I see my current wallet balance?

Your current wallet balance is displayed on the top right beside the wallet icon.

How do I post?

Enter a message, add an image if needed, choose a location, and click 'Post'.

What can I post?

You can post anything, from business promotions to personal messages, as long as they comply with local regulations.

How long can my message be?

Your message can be up to 10 words or 80 characters. It should be readable and understandable in 10 seconds or less.

What types of billboards will I be on?

Your posts will be displayed on digital street and indoor billboards.

Where is my post displayed?

Your post will be shown within a 5-mile (8 km) radius of your chosen area, visible on a map when live.

Can I choose a specific billboard?

No, but you can select an area that includes your preferred billboard.

Can I provide my own designs?

No need. Our template fits all billboard sizes.

Can I add an image?

Yes. Click 'Image' when creating a post.

Can I add my logo?

Yes. Go to your Account page and click 'Image'.

Can I change my username?

Yes. You can update your username on your Account page.

When will my post be displayed?

Your post will be displayed on the selected date or as soon as possible if no date is chosen.

How do I know where my post is displayed?

You will be notified by email and can see a map showing your post's location and time.

Can I stop my post?

Yes. On your Profile page, find the post you want to stop and click 'Stop'. You can also restart any stopped post.

How long does approval take?

Usually 1-2 hours.

What happens to rejected posts?

Rejected posts are removed from your account.

Why are posts rejected?

Posts may be rejected for the following reasons:

- Duplicate post
- Low-quality content
- Sensitive, unauthorized, or non-compliant content
- Misleading or false information
- Intellectual property infringement
- Multiple accounts claiming free plays

Can I manage multiple advertisers?

Yes, you can manage multiple advertisers by adding them through the 'Advertisers' section in your account. You can switch between advertisers using the 'Select advertiser' dropdown when creating new posts.

How do I add an advertiser?

Go to your Account page, select 'Advertisers' from the menu, and click 'Add advertiser'. A pop-up will appear. Upload the advertiser's logo, enter the advertiser's name, and click 'Add advertiser' to save.

How do I create a post for an advertiser?

On your profile page, click 'Select advertiser', choose the advertiser you want to create a post for, and click 'New post'.

My question isn't answered

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